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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Justice
In Russia, EJ heard by mid-May 1736 that her husband, Henry Justice , was in prison, charged with Robbery of the Library at Cambridge .
Justice, Elizabeth. A Voyage to Russia. G. Smith, 1746.
He was tried for the theft of sixty books...
Author summary Mary Martha Sherwood
MMSwrote and signed more than 350 books (mostly for children, but including several adult novels), and left almost a score of fat volumes of diary. Some of her children's books, despite their uncompromisingly hell-fire...
Publishing Delarivier Manley
In 2007 a copy of volumes one and two of the first edition (bearing a contemporary manuscript key in each volume, which is found in the Cambridge University Library copy too) were offered for sale...
Publishing Dora Greenwell
This original, Edinburgh edition is now extremely rare: OCLC WorldCat lists a unique copy in Cambridge University Library . The original edition, as well as later ones, features what became a trademark for DG 's...
Publishing Mary Anne Duffus Hardy
This work, published at Cambridge, is held by Cambridge University Library
“Newton Library Catalogue”. University of Cambridge: Cambridge University Library and Dependent Libraries.
though not by either the British Library or the Bodleian .
Publishing Flora Annie Steel
FAS is said to have issued her short-story volume entitled In the Permanent Way, and Other Stories, though the only English edition to survive in any numbers appeared in 1898.
As with On the...
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Circe (of whose original London edition Cambridge University Library holds the only copy known to be extant) was re-issued at Hastings in 2001 by the Sensation Press with an introduction by Gabrielle Malcolm .
OCLC WorldCat.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Margery Kempe
He avoided anything too controversial, and chose description of interior contemplation rather than external action. Only one copy of his work survives, in Cambridge University Library .
Kempe, Margery. “Introduction”. The Book of Margery Kempe, translated by. Barry A. Windeatt, Penguin, 1994, pp. 9 - 30.
Henry Pepwell reprinted the same passage in...
Reception May Laffan
Helena Kelleher Kahn claimed this work was that of a woman depressed enough to consider taking her own life.
Kahn, Helena Kelleher. Late Nineteenth-Century Ireland’s Political and Religious Controversies in the Fiction of May Laffan Hartley. ELT, 2005.
The unpublished manuscript (which is held at the Cambridge University Library ) marks a subdued...
Textual Features Carola Oman
Her full title is Robin Hood, The Prince of Outlaws, A Tale of the Fourteenth Century from the "Lytell Geste". Her preface, in explaining how she came to write this book, does a nice...
Textual Production Elizabeth Daryush
The earliest verse publication by Elizabeth Bridges (later ED ) was titled in Greek script (χαριτεσσι). The British Library Catalogue gives it in the original; the Cambridge University Library catalogue and OCLC WorldCat transliterate it...
Textual Production Elizabeth Daryush
Though its title includes the figure 1911, it was published (by Bowes and Bowes of Cambridge) in 1912. The British Library , the Bodleian Library , and Cambridge University Library boast copies. It is clearly extremely rare.
Textual Production Margaret Legge
Margaret Legge published her first novel, A Semi-Detached Marriage, which criticises the inequality embedded in marriage law and customs.
Dated from the Cambridge University Library acquisition stamp.
OCLC WorldCat.
Textual Production Charlotte Elliott
The Religious Tract Society published many collections and leaflets of Elliott's poems after her death, all of which are now obscure. Sixteen Poetical Leaflets appeared in 1872,
This is listed in the British Library Catalogue...
Textual Production Mary Linskill
For Pity's Sake, which appeared posthumously, was, says Cordelia Stamp , the last novel that ML wrote—or rather the last she worked at, revising it from an early story.
This book is not listed...


From 1662
The King's Library (now part of the British Library ) and Cambridge University Library enjoyed the legal right to a copy of every book published in Britain (a right granted to the Bodleian on 11...
31 October 1910
Frances Olive Underhill , a graduate of Royal Holloway College , was appointed by E. W. B. Nicholson Assistant Librarian at the Bodleian : the first woman so appointed in England, after considerable infighting and...
Architect Giles Gilbert Scott designed Cambridge University Library, which was completed this year.
22 October 1934
26 January 2009
Cambridge University announced that Anne Jarvis , former Sub-Librarian, had been appointed its first woman University Librarian .