Gwen John

Standard Name: John, Gwen


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Education Margaret Legge
The facts that she writes about art students, and that she attended the memorial service for art professor Henry Tonks on 15 January 1937, suggest that she may—like the somewhat younger Berta Ruck , Gwen John
Occupation Edith Craig
The Players performed dramas about generational gaps, marriage, career, prostitution, and representations of women. These included Laurence Housman 's Pains and Penalties, A Defence of Queen Caroline, Jess Dorynne 's The Surprise of His...
Occupation Germaine Greer
GG 's love of books also expresses itself acquisitively. She says she is not really a collector, but admits: Some people read Cosmopolitan, but I read Christie's catalogues.
Healey, R. M. “Interview with Germaine Greer”. Book and Magazine Collector, Vol.
, pp. 26-34.
She names as the most...
Textual Features Shena Mackay
This short novel, with a large cast centred on a district in South London, vibrates with the tension between satire and sympathy. The title is ironic: the protagonist, Lyris Crane, is a painter too...
Textual Features Maud Sulter
Since there were few Black women artists in the Tate collections, MS decided to focus on women artists in general. The exhibition included paintings by Gwen John and Vanessa Bell .
Sulter, Maud. Echo. Tate Gallery Publications.
6, 28-9, 34-5
Textual Production Margaret Forster
MF 's next novel, Keeping the World Away, blended a fictionalising of the historical record (the life of the artist and writer Gwen John ) with sketching a group of women: later owners of a John picture.
Vickers, Salley. “Painting the World Away”. Guardian Unlimited.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Germaine Greer
This book's epigraph comes from Gough Whitlam , Prime Minister of Australia, speaking about the creation of a healthy artistic climate.
Greer, Germaine. The Obstacle Race. Farrar, Straus, Giroux.
Greer's sketch of her efforts at rediscovery—rummaging through dusty art-gallery cellars for the...


1926: Welsh-born painter Gwen John gave a one-woman...

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Welsh-born painter Gwen John gave a one-woman exhibition in London.


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