George Lillo

Standard Name: Lillo, George


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Literary responses Ann Gomersall
Again the Critical Review enjoyed AG 's humour, if not her plotting. It supposed her to be influenced by George Lillo 's bourgeois tragedy The London Merchant (having in mind, no doubt, the vindication of...
Occupation Charlotte Charke
CC , at Henry Fielding 's Haymarket Theatre , appeared in male roles: as Macheath (John Gay ), Falstaff (Shakespeare ), George Barnwell (George Lillo ), and Lothario (Nicholas Rowe ).
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
3: 402ff
Occupation Eliza Haywood
In 1730 she acted in Hatchett's The Rival Father and perhaps as Mrs Novel (a character apparently based on herself) in Fielding's The Author's Farce. On 2 March 1732 she played in The Blazing...
Textual Production Sophia King
The title-page mentions her joint Trifles, and quotes from Shakespeare 's Macbeth and from Lillo . According to the commonly-accepted view of SK 's birth date (which is not necessarily correct), she wrote this...
Textual Production Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
She also adapted works by Henry Fielding and George Lillo , and a version of the Inkle and Yarico story originated by Richard Steele and versified by Frances, Lady Hertford .
National Union Catalog. Roman and Littlefield.
Textual Production Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
Her abridgement The Pathetic and Interesting History of George Barnwell. Founded on Facts, published in 1804 and billed as adapting a novel by Thomas Skinner Surr , derives originally from George Lillo 's immensely...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Catharine Trotter
The letters published by Birch reflect an intellect dealing in literary as well as moral debate. To Thomas Burnet of KemnayCT wrote of religious and philosophical matters; he was her link to currents of...


25 June 1731: George Lillo's bourgeois tragedy The London...

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25 June 1731

George Lillo 's bourgeois tragedyThe London Merchant; or, The True History of George Barnwell had its debut at Drury Lane , London.


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