Richard Hakluyt

Standard Name: Hakluyt, Richard


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Education Virginia Woolf
Between 1 January and 30 June 1897, her reading included but was not limited to the following: Charlotte Brontë , Lady Barlow (a commentator on Charles Darwin ), Dinah Mulock Craik , George Eliot ,...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Hickman
Before giving consent for the wedding, Rose's father had his prospective son-in-law's books examined and found him to be worth thousands of pounds.
Hickman, Rose. Certain Old Storyes Recorded by an Aged Gentlewoman to be Perused by her Children and Posterity.
Together with his brother-in-law Thomas Locke, Anthony Hickman was a ship-owner...
Friends, Associates Sir Philip Sidney
He became a friend at Shrewsbury of Fulke Greville and was a contemporary at Oxford of such later luminaries as Richard Hakluyt , Thomas Bodley , and Walter Raleigh . He made other intellectual friends...


1589: Richard Hakluyt published Principall Navigations,...

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Richard Hakluyt published Principall Navigations, Voiages, and Discoveries of the English Nation.


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