John Heneage Jesse

Standard Name: Jesse, John Heneage


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Dedications Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
She dedicated it to Caroline Norton 's brother, who shared the name of his grandfather Richard Brinsley Sheridan , and to the memory of Houstoun's own brother, John Heneage Jesse .
Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte. A Woman’s Memories of World-Known Men. F. V. White.
I: prelims
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH 's brother John Heneage Jesse ended his time at Eton when he became involved in pranks which forced him to escape on board a yacht to Norway. Employed for many years in the...
Publishing Lady Louisa Stuart
Her Notes to John Heneage Jesse 's George Selwyn and his Contemporaries were posthumously edited from her manuscript by W. S. Lewis , and five hundred copies were published by Oxford University Press at New...


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