Henrietta Maria, queen consort of King Charles I

Standard Name: Henrietta Maria,, queen consort of King Charles I


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death Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
She was buried by Capuchins in Henrietta Maria 's chapel.
Dedications Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
The full title was The Reply of the Most Illustrious Cardinall of Perron, to the Answeare of the Most Excellent King of Great Britaine: Perron had published in 1620 his riposte to a letter...
Dedications Susan Du Verger
A version by Susan Du Verger , translator and literary critic, from the French fiction of Jean-Pierre, or John Peter, Camus was published as Admirable Events, Together with Morall Relations, dedicated to Queen Henrietta Maria
Education Alice Sutcliffe
Her parents apparently sent the adolescent Alice for social education in the household of Katherine Villiers, duchess of Buckingham , who was only seventeen when she married in June 1620. The duchess (whom, with her...
Employer Ephelia
She was by all accounts an outstanding courtier, admired not only for her beauty but also for her style and wit (Freda Hast in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography quotes the word for...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Jane Cavendish
The earl spent something over £4,000 on this visit, which was reported as such an excess of feasting, as had never before been known in England. The aged Ben Jonson wrote for it The King's...
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Eleanor Douglas
This two-part allegorical tract or prophecy, To the High Court (which repeats almost exactly a title LED had used in 1641) and Samsons Legacie, makes Charles I and Henrietta Maria modern avatars of the...
Occupation Lucy Cary
Anne Cary was also a court lady to Queen Henrietta Maria . As Dame Clementina she was sent to found a daughter convent in Paris in 1652, and used her influence to secure Henrietta Maria...
Occupation Margaret Cavendish
To her family's anxiety, the excruciatingly shy Margaret Lucas (later Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle) insisted out of patriotic idealism on becoming Maid of Honour to Queen Mary (Henrietta Maria ), who was then...
Occupation Elizabeth Richardson
As Lady Asburnham, the future ER frequented the Court. In 1627 she was spending some time with Queen Henrietta Maria , who had arrived in England two years before this. She was said to have...
Publishing Ephelia
The initial letter H (Hail Mighty Prince!) in the 1679 reprint is rendered by a woodcut ornament or factotum with portraits of two crowned figures, one of each sex, with the royal rose...
Publishing Emma Robinson
About the time she published her first novel, ER also composed a three-act play entitled Richelieu in Love.
The duc de Richelieu , churchman and statesman,Cardinal and French Prime Minister, had had areputation as...
Residence Ephelia
Mary, Duchess of Richmond, left England for France in October 1667, two years after her employer, Henrietta Maria , and remained there until after the queen's death in August 1669, though she frequently visited London...
Residence Mary Ward
She had already sought the patronage of Henrietta Maria , and on the whole she was remarkably little harrassed by government agents for Catholicism.
Chambers, Mary Catharine Elizabeth. The Life of Mary Ward (1585-1645). Editor Coleridge, Henry James, Burns and Oates.
2: 452-3, 465-6
While in London, she once again founded schools.
Residence Margaret Cavendish
Following royalist defeats, Queen Mary (Henrietta Maria ) sailed from Falmouth, heading for exile in Paris. Among the courtiers attending her was Margaret Lucas (later Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle) .
Jones, Kathleen. A Glorious Fame: The Life of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, 1623-1673. Bloomsbury.
Strickland, Agnes, and Elizabeth Strickland. Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest. G. Barrie.
9: 224-5


By 15 July 1632: The painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck had spent...

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By 15 July 1632

The painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck had spent long enough during his second visit to England to be requesting payment for a completed portrait of Charles I and Henrietta Maria (known to her husband and...

July 1634: William Cavendish, Earl (later Duke) of Newcastle,...

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July 1634

William Cavendish, Earl (later Duke) of Newcastle , gave a masque at one of his Nottinghamshire estates for Queen Henrietta Maria : Love's Welcome at Bolsover.

8 December 1635: Queen Henrietta Maria's personal Roman Catholic...

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8 December 1635

Queen Henrietta Maria 's personal Roman Catholic chapel, designed by Inigo Jones , opened on the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary .

4 January 1642: Charles I entered the House of Commons with...

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4 January 1642

Charles I entered the House of Commons with the intention of arresting the five men he regarded as opposition ringleaders, including Pym and Hampden ; the result was a public-relations defeat for the monarchy.

23 February 1642: Queen Henrietta Maria parted from her husband,...

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23 February 1642

Queen Henrietta Maria parted from her husband, Charles I , and sailed from England to Holland, probably because her unpopularity was one of the problems he faced at home.

30 March 1643: An altarpiece by Rubens in Henrietta Maria's...

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30 March 1643

An altarpiece by Rubens in Henrietta Maria 's Roman Catholic chapel in Somerset House, London (his only depiction of Christ on the cross), was destroyed by iconoclasts.

28 November 1648: Puritan, anti-episcopal activists William...

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28 November 1648

Puritan, anti-episcopal activists William Prynne and Henry Burton were received in London with a heroes' welcome on their release from prison for sedition.


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