Jean-Pierre Camus

Standard Name: Camus, Jean-Pierre
Used Form: John Peter Camus


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Dedications Susan Du Verger
A version by Susan Du Verger , translator and literary critic, from the French fiction of Jean-Pierre, or John Peter, Camus was published as Admirable Events, Together with Morall Relations, dedicated to Queen Henrietta Maria
Textual Production Susan Du Verger
SDV published a second translation: another novel from the same French writer, John Peter or Jean-Pierre Camus : Diotrephe, or, An Historie of Valentines.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Hosington, Brenda. “Susan du Verger’s English Translation of Camus’s Surprising Diotrephe: Histoire Valentine”. Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting.


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Camus, Jean-Pierre. Admirable Events. Translator Du Verger, Susan, T. Harper for W. Brooks, 1639.