Katherine Villiers, Duchess of Buckingham

Standard Name: Buckingham, Katherine Villiers,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Katherine Manners


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Dedications Alice Sutcliffe
Only a handful of copies of this survive (four were known in 1996).
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Cullen, Patrick, and Alice Sutcliffe. “Introductory Note”. Alice Sutcliffe, Scolar Press, p. ix - xiii.
It was included by Germaine Greer , Jeslyn Medoff , and others in Kissing the Rod, 1988, and selected by...
Education Alice Sutcliffe
Her parents apparently sent the adolescent Alice for social education in the household of Katherine Villiers, duchess of Buckingham , who was only seventeen when she married in June 1620. The duchess (whom, with her...
Family and Intimate relationships Ephelia
Lady Mary's mother, an heiress, was born Lady Katherine (Kate) Manners . She had literary interests, and transcribed, for instance, passages from Sir Philip Sidney 's Arcadia. After her husband's violent death she married...


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