Thomas Chatterton

Standard Name: Chatterton, Thomas


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Family and Intimate relationships Hannah More
HM 's sisters got up a subscription to help the mother and sister of the poet Chatterton , after his untimely death.
Jones, Mary Gwladys. Hannah More. Cambridge University Press.
8 and n18
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Thicknesse
Philip Thicknesse's anarchic energy tended to change the environments in which he and his family lived. Felixstowe Cottage acquired more and more whimsical decoration under his ownership; in the hills near Quoit he set up...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Cooper
EC 's book was generally respected. It was praised by Mary Scott , and had a significant impact on Thomas Chatterton
Bronson, Bertrand H. “Chattertoniana”. Modern Language Quarterly, Vol.
, pp. 417-24.
as well as, perhaps, on Johnson 's format in his Lives of the...
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Holford
The dedication relates how a masculine natal Genius visited the new-born poet, making her mother half-afraid of that aspect strange and wild, / As with immortal hand he touch'd th'unconscious child! The mother does not...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Maria Mackenzie
Her dedication to the Princess of Wales mentions, in capitals, the late HAPPY EVENT of her marriage (ill-starred, as it turned out) to the future George IV , which had taken place earlier in the...
Performance of text Clemence Dane
CD 's experimental and fantastic musical verse drama about Thomas Chatterton , Come of Age, opened in New York at Maxine Elliott's Theatre .
Demastes, William W., and Katherine E. Kelly, editors. British Playwrights, 1880-1956. Greenwood Press.
Publishing Vita Sackville-West
VSW , aged sixteen or seventeen, completed Chatterton, a verse drama on Thomas Chatterton : she paid five pounds to have a hundred copies printed at Sevenoaks.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin.
33, 31
Textual Features Eliza Fenwick
For this anthology EF gathered mostly improving pedagogical material, drawing on revered literary names like Shakespeare and Milton , as well as more recent and controversial writers like Thomas Chatterton and Helen Maria Williams ...
Textual Production Hannah Cowley
Included with it were two more poems, one of them on Thomas Chatterton , and a Deprecation, written three years back and dedicated to her father , complaining of harsh treatment by the reviewers...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Isabella Lickbarrow
Other kinds of poem in the volume include a ghost story and a fairy story, as well as dramatic monologues in the voices of a widow (who misses her husband's protecting hand) and of a...
Travel Mary Russell Mitford
On this trip she also visited Bristol and (very briefly) Barnstaple in Devon. In Bath she was haunted (like many visitors after her) by the idea of Jane Austen characters, and at Bristol by...


8 February 1777: Thomas Chatterton's fake medieval Rowley...

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8 February 1777

Thomas Chatterton 's fake medieval Rowley poems were posthumously published; controversy over their authenticity rumbled on for years.


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