Paul Robeson

Standard Name: Robeson, Paul


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Family and Intimate relationships Jackie Kay
JK 's adoptive mother (my mum), Helen Kay , was (like her husband) a white Communist Party activist. She came from Lochgelly in Fife, where her father was a miner,
Kay, Jackie. Red Dust Road. Pan Macmillan.
Occupation H. D.
HD's film writing of the 1930s went along with the actual making of films. Together with Bryher , she helped to set up Pool Films or POOL , whose productions included Wingbeat, Foothills...
Occupation Laura Riding
They had help from Vyvyan Richards (who had formerly planned to set up a printing press with his close friend T. E. Lawrence ), which was needed since neither had much experience with hand-presses. They...
Performance of text Bryher
The POOL collective produced four silent films, the best-known and most ambitious of which is Borderline (1930). Presenting a seemingly disjointed, obscure mix of racial and sexual conflicts, Borderline shows the influences of Pabst ,...
Reception Radclyffe Hall
This was first sung during World War I, and its enormous popularity meant that it was still well-known during World War II. Paul Robeson , too, sang a version of it and it acquired an...


1 November 1920: US playwright Eugene O'Neill had his first...

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1 November 1920

US playwright Eugene O'Neill had his first big success when Emperor Jones, the earliest serious drama by an American with a Black protagonist, had its debut in New York in a production by the...

September 1930: Shakespeare's Othello opened at the Savoy...

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September 1930

Shakespeare's Othello opened at the Savoy Theatre starring Paul Robeson and Peggy Ashcroft : it shocked some in the audience on racist grounds.


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