George Wither

Standard Name: Wither, George


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Friends, Associates Lady Mary Wroth
In 1613 LMW was praised in verse by George Wither and Joshua Sylvester . Most of these poets chose to celebrate her mind, even more than her beauty. (So, besides those named, did William Drummond
Literary responses M. Marsin
Her writings do not appear to have reached a wide audience.
Burns, William E. “’By Him the Women will be delivered from that Bondage, which some has found intolerable’: M. Marsin, English Millenarian Feminist”. Eighteenth-Century Women: Studies in their Lives, Work, and Culture, edited by Linda V. Troost, pp. 19 -38.
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography notes that MM is more outspokenly feminist than Quaker writers of her own day, though not than...
Occupation Elizabeth Isham
Her needlework included doing Irish stitch, tent stitch, and purse-work, making bone lace and bodices, and knitting stockings, and she often gathered flowers in order to copy them in stitching.
Isham, Elizabeth. “Diary”. Constructing Elizabeth Isham.
Isham, Elizabeth. “Booke of Rememberances”. Constructing Elizabeth Isham, edited by Elizabeth Clarke.
It is clear...
Textual Production Lady Hester Pulter
In the same manuscript album as her poems and romance, LHP included a collection of emblem poems titled The Sighs of a Sad Soul Emblematically Breathed Forth by the Noble Hadassah.
Pulter, Lady Hester. “Introduction”. Poems, Emblems, and The Unfortunate Florinda, edited by Alice Eardley, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2014, pp. 1 - 40.
27, 185
Textual Production Alice Sutcliffe
Only a handful of copies of this survive (four were known in 1996).
OCLC WorldCat.
Cullen, Patrick, and Alice Sutcliffe. “Introductory Note”. Alice Sutcliffe, Scolar Press, 1996, p. ix - xiii.
It was included by Germaine Greer , Jeslyn Medoff , and others in Kissing the Rod, 1988, and selected by...


Christmas 1819
William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther with a little manuscript volume of poems: those by women were mostly copied from the pages of Poems by Eminent Ladies.