M. Marsin

Standard Name: Marsin, M.
Birth Name: M. Marsin
Pseudonym: M. M.
Active in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, MM was a bold and idiosyncratic writer and publisher of tracts: her main interest is religion (even theology), but this involves her also in politics and proto-feminism. She equips her works with long, descriptive titles and tables of contents. Her bibliography is complicated: some works appeared more than once in slightly different forms, or in compilations of several works which had already been issued separately.


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Textual Features Lucy Hutton
The sermonicles offer theological musings on the nature of Paradise, on women's status, on childbirth, and on chastity. LH preaches all six on the same text, either whole or in part: Genesis 3:16, in sorrow...


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Marsin, M. A Clear and Brief Explanation upon the Chief Points in the New-Testament. J. Clarke, 1697.
Marsin, M. A Full and Clear Account the Scripture gives of the Deity. John Gouge, 1700.
Marsin, M. All the Chief Points Contained in the Christian Religion. J. Clark, E. Whitlock, and W. Reddish, 1697.
Marsin, M. An Answer to Dr. Whitby. S. Darker, 1701.
Marsin, M. Good News to the Good Women. S. Darker, 1700.
Marsin, M. The Figurative Speeches: by which God has veiled his Secrets. J. Clark, 1697.
Marsin, M. The First Book. Edward Pool, 1698.
Marsin, M. The Near Approach to Christ’s Kingdom, clearly proved by Scripture. Printed for the author to be sold by Thomas Fabian, 1696.
Marsin, M. The Womans Advocate. J. Clark, 1697.
Marsin, M. The Womens Advocate; or, Fifteen Real Comforts of Matrimony. Benjamin Alsop and Thomas Malthus, 1683.
Marsin, M. Truth Vindicated, against all Heresies. Edward Pool, 1698.
Marsin, M. Two Remarkable Females of Womankind. E. Richardson, 1701.
Marsin, M. Two Sorts of Latter Days, proved from Scripture. 1699.