Joshua Sylvester

Standard Name: Sylvester, Joshua


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Education Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Besides this, Henry Thynne , son of Viscount Weymouth of Longleat House (nephew by marriage of Anne Finch , and father of the future Lady Hertford ), taught ESR French and Italian. She read very...
Friends, Associates Lady Mary Wroth
In 1613 LMW was praised in verse by George Wither and Joshua Sylvester . Most of these poets chose to celebrate her mind, even more than her beauty. (So, besides those named, did William Drummond
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Bradstreet
AB 's published volume, The Tenth Muse, is dominated by her two most ambitious works, long composite poems in pentameter couplets: Quaternions, written before 1642, and An Exact Epitome of the Four Monarchies...
Publishing Lady Mary Wroth
A complimentary remark of Joshua Sylvester about LMW implies that she was circulating her writings in manuscript by this date.
Roberts, Josephine A., and Lady Mary Wroth. “Introduction and Notes”. The Poems of Lady Mary Wroth, Louisiana State University Press, pp. 3 - 75, 219.


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