Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Standard Name: Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich


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Education Marghanita Laski
As a little girl ML attended Ladybarn House School in Manchester, which had been founded in 1873 as a pioneering institution following the educational ideals of Pestalozzi and Froebel . This was part of...
Education Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL 's formal schooling was minimal. Mrs Shiel, who ran a class she attended which catered mostly to children of Canons of Westminster, claimed to be a follower of Pestalozzi , yet mocked Marie for...
Textual Features Elizabeth Hamilton
EH was a pioneer in Britain of the newly-developed ideas of Pestalozzi . She was also a prophet of universal education, which she expected to be established by the mid-nineteenth century.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Textual Production Harriet Downing
HD 's How Fanny Teaches Her Children appeared: her only work for children, modelled on Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 's important work of 1801, entitled in English How Gertrude Teaches her Children.
British Library Catalogue.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Strutt
The book had coloured illustrations. ES adopts here a relaxed, informal tone. She pays more attention than formerly to scenery (though she insists that only truly personal responses are interesting), but also to the humdrum...


1801: Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi suggested, in...

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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi suggested, in Wie Gertrud ihre Kinder lehrt, that girls' education is even more vital than boys', since girls will one day educate children of their own.


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