Harriet Downing

Standard Name: Downing, Harriet
Birth Name: Harriet Bourne
Married Name: Harriet Downing
Used Form: Harriet Camilla Downing
Married Name: Harriet Oliver
Pseudonym: The Author of the Monthly Nurse
HD is remarkable both as a late Romantic poet (whose first publication makes a strong claim for women's capacity for friendship, equal to that of men) and as an early Victorian writer of short magazine fiction. She worked on a novel which she did not publish.


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Textual Features Jane West
JW uses heroic couplets for formal poems like To the Island of Sicily (on the retreat of the king and queen of the Two Sicilies before the French Army of Italy, commanded by Napoleon ...


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Downing, Harriet. Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse. Simms and M’Intyre, 1852.
Downing, Harriet. Satan in Love. George Bell, 1840.
Downing, Harriet. The Bride of Sicily. Hurst, Chance, 1830.
Downing, Harriet. The Child of the Tempest. Harwood, 1821.