Friedrich Froebel

Standard Name: Froebel, Friedrich


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Education Marghanita Laski
As a little girl ML attended Ladybarn House School in Manchester, which had been founded in 1873 as a pioneering institution following the educational ideals of Pestalozzi and Froebel . This was part of...
Textual Production Emily Shirreff
ES published her essay The Kinder-Garten. Principles of Fröbel 's System, and their Bearing on the Education of Women.
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Textual Production Emily Shirreff
Some of her other works on education are On the Connection Between the Kindergarten and the School (1880), Home Education in Relation to Kindergarten, Two Lectures (1884), The Kindergarten at Home (1884), and Moral Training:...


1855: Kindergarten advocate Bertha, Baroness von...

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Kindergarten advocate Bertha, Baroness von Marenholtz Bülow published Women's Educational Mission: being an Explanation of F Froebel's System of Infant GardensFriedrich Froebel .

1874: The Froebel Society was established to promote...

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The Froebel Society was established to promote the notion of the kindergarten education.


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