Charles X, King of France

Standard Name: Charles X,, King of France
Used Form: comte d'Artois


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Family and Intimate relationships Grace Elliott
In her earliest years in Paris she was the mistress first of the comte d'Artois (who much later reigned as Charles X ) and then of the duc de Chartres (later duc d'Orléans , later...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Gerard
Her mother, Euphemia Robinson , a talented amateur pianist, became a Roman Catholic not long after the birth of Dorothea's sister Emily.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under (Jane) Emily Gerard
Black, Helen C. Pen, Pencil, Baton and Mask: Biographical Sketches. Spottiswoode.
While growing up in Edinburgh she had contracted...
Friends, Associates Felicia Skene
From her youth FS was accustomed to mixing with distinguished people. Sir Walter Scott , a friend of both of her parents, found her youthful company a relief when he was old and ill. In...
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
ECK continued through the later part of her life to cultivate relationships with royalty and the aristocracy, of her own nation and others. Her friendships with Lord St Vincent and with Lady Aylesbury (or Ailesbury)
politics George Sand
The meeting of Aurore Dudevant (later GS ) with Sandeau coincided with the end of the Three Glorious Days when Charles X abdicated, leaving the throne for his nephew Louis Philippe of Orléans . In...
Residence Ellis Cornelia Knight
Having spent three years in Paris, from 1821 to 1824, and begun to regard that, rather than England, as her home, ECK returned there on August 15, 1830, but she did not stay long...
Textual Production Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Sydney Morgan published France in 1829-30, her second book about that country, just after the French king Charles X had been toppled by revolution.
The July Revolution raged from 27 to 29 July, and...
Textual Production Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
She had intended to produce a historical romance about this woman, who married a son of Charles X , the last king of France, but she found the actual story so exciting and so colourful...
Travel Amelia Opie
She was back there again in August the following year, after the revolution of July and the abdication of Charles X on 2 August. She then travelled to Cornwall (her late husband's place of origin)...


11 July 1789: Louis XVI dismissed Necker from the post...

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11 July 1789

Louis XVI dismissed Necker from the post of Director of Finances and Minister of State.

1794: Margaret Coghlan, Daughter of the Late Major...

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Margaret Coghlan , Daughter of the Late Major Moncrieffe, published her memoirs in two volumes.
Adam Matthew Publications.

16 September 1824: The restored Bourbon king Louis XVIII of...

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16 September 1824

The restored Bourbon king Louis XVIII of France died and was succeeded by his brother, Charles X .

30 April 1827: Charles X of France disbanded the National...

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30 April 1827

Charles X of France disbanded the National Guard at Paris.

July 27-July 29 1830: The July Revolution (also known as the Three...

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July 27-July 29 1830

The July Revolution (also known as the Three Glorious Days) erupted in Paris after the loss of a general election which led Charles X to declare a state of emergency.

2 August 1830: Charles X of France abdicated, leaving the...

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2 August 1830

Charles X of France abdicated, leaving the throne to his grandson, the Duke of Bordeaux, and power in the hands of moderate liberals who formed a National Guard to control the Paris mob.


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