Jacques Necker

Standard Name: Necker, Jacques


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Family and Intimate relationships Germaine de Staël
Her father, Jacques Necker , became the Director General of Finance to the French king in June 1777, an extraordinary post for a foreigner and a commoner. After publishing an account of the national finances...
Material Conditions of Writing Germaine de Staël
As a child she had to hide her writing from her father . He had hated his wife to write, and he teased his daughter about it by calling her Monsieur of the sainted writing...
Textual Production Mary Wollstonecraft
MW published Of the Importance of Religious Opinions, a translation of Jacques Necker 's L'Importance des opinions religieuses.
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26 or 27 August 1788
Jacques Necker was recalled as French Director of Finances and Minister of State, with a brief to effect reforms.
11 July 1789
Louis XVI dismissed Necker from the post of Director of Finances and Minister of State.
14 July 1789
The Bastille, the most notorious prison in Paris, was stormed and liberated by a revolutionary mob; the date became symbolic of the Revolution.