Martin Seymour-Smith

Standard Name: Seymour-Smith, Martin


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Friends, Associates Laurence Hope
They met at the house of Blanche and Montague Crackanthorpe . Blanche Crackanthorpe published an article in 1895 which criticised the short story Theodora: A Fragment by LH 's sister Victoria Cross.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 135. Gale Research.
135 under Victoria Cross
Literary responses Elaine Feinstein
The short notice in British Book News, by Martin Seymour-Smith , maintained that EF had not yet fulfilled her promise, but that this was her best book so far.
British Book News. British Council.
(1976): 708
Literary responses Laurence Hope
A number of evaluations of Hope's work appeared at her death. Thomas Hardy 's obituary for her, printed in the Athenæum, praised the tropical luxuriance and Sapphic fervour of The Garden of Káma...
Literary responses Laura Riding
Of reviewers, Roy Fuller registered Riding's dazzling intellectual gifts, but went on to concentrate on her muse relationship with Graves. Martin Seymour-Smith was more deliberately offensive in his accusations of megalomania.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
A review for...
Literary responses Laura Riding
LR always maintained she was uninterested in her reputation and would take no steps to assist it—though she did care that the record should be accurate, and to that end she wrote a lengthy article...
Reception Olivia Manning
OM 's biographers note that a number of reference sources make no mention of this novel. At round about the same date she was distressed to find herself omitted from Who's Who in Twentieth Century...


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