Sir Roger L'Estrange

Standard Name: L'Estrange, Sir Roger


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Intertextuality and Influence Anne Finch
Although AF is often thought of as a writer of pastoral, on account of the fame of A Noctural Reverie, this mode is fairly rare in her work. She is a very social poet....
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth B. Lester
The title-page quotes from Sir Francis Bacon , Virgil , and Sir Roger L'Estrange . A preface (written in the third person as he) argues that physiognomy has something in it but deplores the...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Meeke
Here EM reverts to the most elevated social level: the family of the Duke of Orkney, who traces his descent from the kings of Scotland, and inhabits an ancient mansion on the banks of the...
Textual Production Ephelia
Roger L'Estrange , recently appointed Royal Licenser, approved the 2-column broadside eulogy A Poem to His Sacred Majesty , on the Plot, which was printed as Written by a Gentlewoman: that is, by Ephelia .
Cox, Michael, editor. The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Oxford University Press.


1663: Sir Roger L'Estrange was appointed the first...

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Sir Roger L'Estrange was appointed the first national Surveyor of the Press, an office designed to facilitate censorship.

1678: Roger L'Estrange published the first English...

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Roger L'Estrange published the first English translation (out of ten before 1740) of G. J. Guilleragues ' Portuguese Letters (often called Letters of a Portuguese Nun), which in French dated from 1669.

November 1739: Sir Roger L'Estrange's prose translation...

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November 1739

Sir Roger L'Estrange 's prose translation of Aesop 's Fables (formerly treated in snappy couplets by Aphra Behn ) was printed—by Samuel Richardson .


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