Gabriel Joseph de Lavergne, vicomte de Guilleragues

Standard Name: Guilleragues, Gabriel Joseph de Lavergne,,, vicomte de
Used Form: G. J. Guilleragues


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Intertextuality and Influence Jane Barker
JB opens this work with a nostalgic glance backward at about sixty-six years of political thinking and literary writing. Her dedication To the Ladies is immensely engaging. She takes up the story of Galesia, now...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Meeke
Here EM reverts to the most elevated social level: the family of the Duke of Orkney, who traces his descent from the kings of Scotland, and inhabits an ancient mansion on the banks of the...
Textual Features Marie Belloc Lowndes
In her reviewing capacity she was able to comment on several texts central to the European tradition of women's writing. She called Marie de Lafayette 's La Princesse de Cleves (re-issued as part of an...


1669: G. J. Guilleragues published, anonymously,...

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G. J. Guilleragues published, anonymously, Lettres portugaises (sometimes called Letters of a Portuguese Nun).

1678: Roger L'Estrange published the first English...

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Roger L'Estrange published the first English translation (out of ten before 1740) of G. J. Guilleragues ' Portuguese Letters (often called Letters of a Portuguese Nun), which in French dated from 1669.

31 January 1974: The three Marias, Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria...

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31 January 1974

The three Marias, Maria Isabel Barreno , Maria Teresa Horta , and Maria Velha da Costa , were charged in a Lisbon court for publishing in 1972 a book deemed to be pornographic: an...


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