Pasquale Paoli

Standard Name: Paoli, Pasquale
Used Form: Pascal or Pasquale Paoli


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Friends, Associates Anna Margaretta Larpent
In 1776 the future AML recorded meeting the Corsican patriot Paoli and Dr Johnson ye Great.
Feminist Companion Archive.
After her marriage her own and her husband's work brought her into contact with the cultured elite of London...
Publishing Maria Barrell
This was Printed for the Author, with a quotation from Prior on the title-page.
Barrell, Maria. Reveries du Coeur. Dodsley, Walter, Owen, and Yeats.
The running head throughout the volume uses a different title: Poems on Various and Select Occasions. The volume...
Textual Production Catharine Macaulay
CM published an anonymous pamphlet, Loose Remarks on Hobbes, in the form of a letter to Pascal or Pasquale Paoli , Corsican national leader.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
23 (1767): 284


February 1768: James Boswell published his composite work...

Writing climate item

February 1768

James Boswell published his composite work on the Corsican liberation struggle: An Account of Corsica; the Journal of a Tour to that Island; and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli.

20 September 1769: The Corsican independence leader Pasquale...

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20 September 1769

The Corsican independence leader Pasquale Paoli reached London as a political refugee.


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