Sarah Pearson

Standard Name: Pearson, Sarah
Indexed Name: S. Pearson
Pseudonym: Angelina
Indexed Name: Susanna Pearson
SP began placing poetry in magazines in the late 1780s, and went on to publish two collections, the first political-reformist and sentimental, and the second lighter in tone. She was also the author of a remarkable novel in the genre where the protagonist is an inanimate object.


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Family and Intimate relationships Barbara Hofland
A Miss Jane Wreaks to whom Sarah Pearson left a keepsake in her will in 1832 was probably BH 's niece or great-niece.
Ashfield, Andrew. Emails to Isobel Grundy about Sarah/Susanna Pearson, Harriet Downing.
Friends, Associates Barbara Hofland
BH retained at least one life-long friendship from her Sheffield or Attercliffe days: with the poet and novelist Sarah Pearson , who had been her neighbour there. Pearson's will charged Hofland with the task of...


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