Horatio Nelson

Standard Name: Nelson, Horatio


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Seacole
Mary Grant married Edwin Horatio Seacole (a godson of Lord Nelson ), who died in 1844.
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Family and Intimate relationships May Edginton
Francis Baily was a novelist and one-time editor of Royal Magazine. It was in the context of the magazine that they met, as ME was one of its contributors. Baily was the author from...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Gatty
Margaret's father, the Rev. Alexander John Scott , had been chaplain to Nelson on the Victory. As well as a naval chaplain he was a passionate lover of books and music and, unofficially, a diplomat...
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
As her mother had wished, once back in England ECK placed herself under the protection of powerful friends made abroad: Sir William Hamilton (British Ambassador to the court of the Two Sicilies), his wife Emma, Lady Hamilton
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
The rumours continued to plague all those concerned after the Hamiltons and Nelson returned to England (by which time, in fact, Emma Hamilton was pregnant by Nelson ).
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ECK mentions dining with the foursome...
Friends, Associates Melesina Trench
Wherever she went on her first European trip she had access to exclusive circles of society. She met Nelson and his mistress, Emma, Lady Hamilton , the writer Antoine de Rivarol , Napoleon's brother Lucien Bonaparte
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
On their previous visit to Naples in 1785, the Knights had met Sir William Hamilton , the British ambassador there, as well as the rulers, Ferdinand and Maria Carolina . On their return to Naples...
Material Conditions of Writing Ellis Cornelia Knight
During ECK 's stay on the Foudroyant, Nelson 's flagship, in 1800, she began a sketchbook which contains thirty-seven watercolours. It is inscribed: This book was commenced at Palermo in Sicily, 1800. Finished at Windsor, 1806.
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Occupation William Beckford
WB entertained Nelson and Sir William and Lady Hamilton in fantastic splendour at Fonthill.
Clarke, Stephen. “Abbeys Real and Imagined: Northanger, Fonthill and Aspects of the Gothic Revival”. Persuasions, Vol.
, pp. 93-105.
Publishing Anna Atkins
This makes a very different appearance from her former novels. Published by Routledge, Warne, and Routledge in their series Routledge's Cheap Literature at eighteen pence, it sports a paper-on-board cover with an illustration of a...
Publishing Elizabeth Bentley
EB published at Norwich an ode on Nelson 's death at the battle of Trafalgar.
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Publishing Evelyn Sharp
ES took up full-time the great profession of journalism in 1904,
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
after an absence from London for family reasons had interrupted her career as a freelance teacher. She had been a desultory journalist already...
Residence Ellis Cornelia Knight
They fled from Naples, capital of the kingdom of Naples and Sicily or the Two Sicilies, at about the same time as its king. The royal family (Ferdinand and Maria Carolina ) escaped from...
Textual Features Hélène Barcynska
In their love lives each narrowly avoids disaster but only Vista is destined for happiness. Maggy takes as her model Emma Hamilton , the poor girl who became Nelson 's mistress, and dreams of a...
Textual Features Harriett Jay
The play takes as its subject Admiral Horatio Nelson , who is the victim of a murderous attack in the port of Dover by a Royal Navy captain (who has been suborned into the employ...


1-3 August 1798: In the Battle of the Nile (also known as...

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1-3 August 1798

In the Battle of the Nile (also known as the Battle of Aboukir (or Abu Qir) Bay), the British fleet under Nelson attacked and in large part destroyed the fleet of revolutionary France.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
under Nelson

21 October 1805: Britain defeated Napoleonic France in a battle...

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21 October 1805

Britain defeated Napoleonic France in a battle off Cape Trafalgar; Nelson was fatally wounded.

1843: Thirty-eight years after the British naval...

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Thirty-eight years after the British naval victory of Trafalgar, the basic structure of Nelson 's Column, erected in the newly developed Trafalgar Square in honour of the victor, was finally completed.


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