Sir William Hamilton

Standard Name: Hamilton, Sir William,, 1731 - 1803


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Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
On their previous visit to Naples in 1785, the Knights had met Sir William Hamilton , the British ambassador there, as well as the rulers, Ferdinand and Maria Carolina . On their return to Naples...
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
As her mother had wished, once back in England ECK placed herself under the protection of powerful friends made abroad: Sir William Hamilton (British Ambassador to the court of the Two Sicilies), his wife Emma, Lady Hamilton
Occupation William Beckford
WB entertained Nelson and Sir William and Lady Hamilton in fantastic splendour at Fonthill.
Clarke, Stephen. “Abbeys Real and Imagined: Northanger, Fonthill and Aspects of the Gothic Revival”. Persuasions, Vol.
, pp. 93-105.
Residence Ellis Cornelia Knight
For a while she lived with Sir William and Lady Hamilton after they rented a house in Grosvenor Square, London, from a friend.
Knight, Ellis Cornelia. The Autobiography of Miss Knight. Editor Fulford, Roger, William Kimber & Co.
66, 78
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Frankau
Lady Hamilton is, in these introductory pages, the notorious adventuress, sometime Emy Lyon, but ultimately the wife of Sir William Hamilton , who was guilty of many lapses from virtue both before and after her...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ellis Cornelia Knight
ECK relates her experiences at the English and at various European courts, and includes sketches and anecdotes of famous people she knew, including those of an earlier generation like Samuel Johnson and Frances Reynolds ...
Travel Anne Damer
In the first winter of her widowhood AD went abroad to study art. Later she escaped newspaper harrassment by travelling to Italy: Rome and Florence (where she met Walpole's friend Horace Mann ). This voyage...


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