Johanna Johnston

Standard Name: Johnston, Johanna


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Birth Frances Trollope
Frances Milton (later FT ) was born at Stapleton near Bristol.
FT 's daughter-in-law Frances Eleanor Trollope gave her date of birth as 1780 in her memoir, and was followed by the Dictionary of...
Cultural formation Frances Trollope
FT 's opinion that church services should not be sensational foreshadows her famously strong reaction to what she perceived as the uncouth manners of Americans. One of her biographers writes that she was always specially...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Trollope
Frances Milton met her future husband, Thomas Anthony Trollope , in 1808, when Henry Milton brought him to their house. Thomas was thirty-four, a barrister, and the son of a clerk in Holy Orders. In...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Trollope
FT did not grieve for long, but displayed what Johnston describes as her lifelong trait of the abrupt rejection of sorrow.
Johnston, Johanna. The Life, Manners, and Travels of Fanny Trollope: A Biography. Hawthorn Books, 1978.
Textual Production Frances Trollope
Frances Eleanor Trollope considered this the best-known of FT 's novels.
Trollope, Frances Eleanor. Frances Trollope: Her Life and Literary Work from George III to Victoria. AMS Press, 1975.
I: 257
The book certainly sparked controversy. Critic Johanna Johnston sees it as the sort of book people talked about, its chief character, the...
Travel Frances Trollope
She continued to travel. Critic Johanna Johnston remarks on FT 's astounding energy and ability: America, Belgium and western Germany, Paris, and now Vienna and AustriaFrances Trollope had visited them...


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