King Alfred

Standard Name: Alfred, King
Used Form: Alfred the Great


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Characters Anna Letitia Barbauld
Her school plays present King Canute as actually supposing that his kingly power can turn back the sea, and King Alfred , when disguised as a peasant, proving incompetent at simple practical tasks.
Education Jennifer Dawson
Her fellow-student Joy Field (later Whitby) thought her very contained; she later realised that this reserve was the result of acute shyness. She found Oxford daunting. There were fewer grammar school entrants in those...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Elstob
Elizabeth's brother, William (who was a scholar ten years older than she was, a Fellow of University College, Oxford from 1696, and a clergyman in London from 1702), was an important figure in her earlier...
Publishing Maria Callcott
MC told her friend Caroline Fox that she would write this book from memory without consulting sources. It may be relevant to her choice of title that Mary Martha Sherwood had published a children's book...
Residence Catharine Macaulay
Bath was familiar to her from visits; she may at first have intended no more than another extended visit for herself and her daughter. Very soon she had moved them both into Thomas Wilson's home...
Textual Features Isabella Lickbarrow
These two poems are linked by something resembling a dramatic structure. IL presents the princess being lamented by a Cambrian minstrel, then by shepherdesses, shepherds, and nymphs of the sea and the woods (each bringing...
Textual Production Elizabeth Elstob
Ralph Thoresby recorded on 22 January 1709 that EE had published some composures of her own
Thoresby, Ralph. The Diary of Ralph Thoresby. Editor Hunter, Joseph, H. Colburn and R. Bentley.
2: 27
apart from her Scudéry translation. She certainly worked with her brother—first as his assistant, then as his...
Textual Production Eleanor Anne Porden
Although she planned a poem on the life of Alfred to go with the life of Richard in Coeur de Lion, she never produced it.
Porden, Eleanor Anne, and Edith M. Gell. “Letters: 1821-1824”. John Franklin’s Bride, John Murray, p. various pages.
Textual Production Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
Among works that SSW claimed when corresponding, late in life, with the Royal Literary Fund were a Life of Alfred the Great and a work entitled Romance and Reason in two volumes.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Hawkshaw
The sonnets begin with the arrival of human beings on the lands that became Great Britain and wend their way through history, moving through treatments of the English kings including Alfred the Great and Ethelred the Unready
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Carola Oman
Many of their subjects are national heroes, as in Alfred , King of the English, 1939. CO 's obituary in the Times mentions Baltic Spy, 1940, as the most original among them.
“Obituary: Miss Carola Oman”. Times, p. 16.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Maria De Fleury
Her poem is Miltonic in style, with frequent echoes of Paradise Lost, although written in couplets. Accepting a designation applied to her by ideological enemies, MDF opens by comparing herself to the biblical Deborah...


878: By the Treaty of Wedmore, King Alfred ceded...

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By the Treaty of Wedmore, King Alfred ceded to the Danes that part of England lying north of the Roman road called Watling Street.

880-918: Aethelflaed or Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians,...

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Aethelflaed or Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians, daughter of King Alfred , was, with her husband, a forceful ruler of Mercia.

889-899: King Alfred's last decade was a kind of renaissance...

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King Alfred 's last decade was a kind of renaissance of learning in his kingdom of Wessex.


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