George Chapman

Standard Name: Chapman, George


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Friends, Associates Lady Mary Wroth
LMW was praised in verse by George Chapman and John Davies of Hereford.
He is not to be confused with Sir John Davies , husband of the prophecy writer who later became Lady Eleanor Douglas
Intertextuality and Influence Ellen Mary Clerke
The text opens with several Ballads of the Sea,
Clerke, Ellen Mary. The Flying Dutchman, and Other Poems. W. Satchell.
which include the title poem and the patriotic Eastward Ho! During the Russo-Turkish War. The latter's allusion to Kingsley 's Westward Ho! (apart...
Textual Production Marjorie Bowen
That same year she wrote an introduction to Percy Allen 's Plays of Shakespeare & Chapman in Relation to French History. In 1934 she selected and published the short-story collection More Great Tales of...
Textual Production Eugenia
Scholar Maureen E. Mulvihill , on her website, reproduces the elaborate title-page of Edward Reynolds 's 1642 address to Queen Henrietta Maria by this name, Eugenia's Teares for great Brittaynes Distractions, and suggests a...


1598: George Chapman published the first seven...

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George Chapman published the first seven books of his translation of Homer 's Iliad, the first English version done direct from Greek; he finished the Iliad in 1608 and the whole of Homer in 1616.


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