Mary Aitken Carlyle

Standard Name: Carlyle, Mary Aitken


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Wealth and Poverty Geraldine Jewsbury
Mary Aitken Carlyle and John Forster aided in the campaign. The twenty-two names in support of her application included Alfred Tennyson , Thomas Carlyle , John Ruskin , and Thomas Hardy . Harriet and George Grote were also involved.
Howe, Susanne. Geraldine Jewsbury: Her Life and Errors. George Allen and Unwin.
Wealth and Poverty Mary Linskill
In poor health, she was nearly penniless at this time, and wrote in her diary of the humiliation of asking friends for small loans.
Stamp, Cordelia. Mary Linskill. Caedmon of Whitby.
Mary Aitken Carlyle , Carlyle's niece and amanuensis, responded to...


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