Thomas Rawlins

Standard Name: Rawlins, Thomas


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Education Jane Squire
Whatever education JS received initially, she continued it for herself. She considered that as a Christian to Study the Law of God Day and Night . . . is my proper Business; Philosophy [that is...
Literary responses Jane Squire
So far as is known, none of JS 's writing or actions made any impression on the Longitude Commission ers. The longitude papers (at the Royal Greenwich Observatory , now located in Cambridge) contain...
Reception Sarah Chapone
In 1743 the scholar Thomas Rawlins mentioned The Hardships of the English Laws: he was finding it hard to get hold of a copy in London.
Glover, Susan Paterson, and Sarah Chapone. “Introduction”. The Hardships of the English Laws, Routledge, pp. 1-16.
Reception Jane Squire
Scholar Thomas Rawlins wrote to George Ballard (then working on his collection of women's lives) about the work of JS : he believed her longitude method to be feasible. He mentioned only obliquely that she...
Textual Production Jane Squire
Thomas Rawlins mentioned another work by JS which does not survive. It is a great Loss to Navigators yt [sic] she has not lived to finish her Catalogue of Stars, describing their Longitude Latitude...


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