Edward Moxon

Standard Name: Moxon, Edward


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Lamb
Though ML was herself childless, she and Charles virtually adopted Emma Isola (later Emma Moxon, wife of the publisher Edward Moxon ) after the death of her father in 1823, when Mary was nearly sixty...
Literary responses Georgiana Fullerton
GF 's mother, Lady Granville , is said to have regretted that Ellen Middleton was quite so mournful. But contemporary reviewers were generally positive, and the novel proved popular. William Ewart Gladstone , reviewing it...
Occupation Robert Browning
RB began his literary career as a poet inauspiciously with Pauline (1833), but with Paracelsus (1835) began to achieve some critical success. He entered literary society under the patronage of W. J. Fox , and...
Occupation Elizabeth Siddal
She produced a compelling vision of Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott. Rossetti tried to have her work included in an edition of Tennyson's poems for which Edward Moxon commissioned illustrations from members of the...
Publishing Harriet Martineau
After a skirmish with Dilke over whether the Athenæum could claim copyright on the letters, HM , who had accepted no payment from him, published them in book form with Moxon .
Martineau, Harriet, and Gaby Weiner. Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography. Virago.
2: 197
Textual Production Robert Browning
RB 's Introductory Essay on Shelley appeared in Edward Moxon 's edition of Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Day, Aidan, and Robert Browning. “Introduction, Critical Commentary, and Editorial Materials”. Robert Browning: Selected Poetry and Prose, Routledge, pp. 1 - 21, 151.
Browning, Robert. Robert Browning’s Poetry: Authoritative Texts, Criticism. Editor Loucks, James F., W. W. Norton.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870. http://replay.web.archive.org/20070714065452/http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~asp/v2/home.html.
1269 (21 January 1852): 214-5


August 1830: Edward Moxon's publishing firm in London...

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August 1830

Edward Moxon 's publishing firm in London published as its first book Charles Lamb 's Album Verses.


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