Edward W. Pitcher

Standard Name: Pitcher, Edward W.


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Health Elizabeth Gilding
Edward W. Pitcher reads a poem by EG entitled Soliloquy (published in May 1783) as suggesting that she and her husband had decided to run a celibate marriage in order to have no more children...
Literary responses Elizabeth Griffith
Pitcher calls her contributions to the Westminster, and to other periodicals, a substantial body of very interesting work.
Occupation Radagunda Roberts
RR seems to have been a teacher. Edward W. Pitcher suggests that when she had a serial running in The Lady's Magazine she sometimes allowed her students to contribute, so that individual instalments appear under...
Publishing Hester Mulso Chapone
Scholar Edward W. Pitcher argues that HMC , writing as G., contributed pieces with titles like Moral Tale and True Story to The Universal Magazine during 1774-75, since The Rational Pair (which the magazine...
Publishing Hannah Webster Foster
The year after her youngest child was born, HWF , as a Lady of Massachusetts, published the highly sentimental The Coquette, her most successful novel, at Boston, Massachusetts.
Scholar Edward W. Pitcher
Publishing Elizabeth Griffith
All but the two final stories were collected, probably by her, in Novellettes, 1780.
Norton, J. E. “Some Uncollected Authors XXII: Elizabeth Griffith 1727-1793”. The Book Collector, pp. 418 - 24.
Bibliographer Edward W. Pitcher believes that EG contributed under various pseudonyms to the Westminster, and that her contributions...
Publishing Hannah More
Of these On Envy (July 1777) was plagiarised by the New London Magazine as by G.W. Bibliographer Edward Pitcher also suspects More of being an unsigned contributor to the Universal Magazine of tales translated from...
Textual Features Elizabeth Gilding
Edward Pitcher describes these poems, the last identified from her pen, printed and apparently written soon after childbirth, as gloomy in tone.
Pitcher, Edward W. Woman’s Wit. Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.
The Desire seems to embrace, for a woman, the kind of obscurity...
Textual Production Mariana Starke
If this is so, it was Starke's earliest publication; she was in her mid-twenties. An obituary of Thomas published in the Gentleman's Magazine, March 1831, claims that these two women translated Genlis's very popular...
Textual Production Anna Maria Porter
While still in her teens, AMP published verse in several journals: her Civil Liberty appeared this month in James Harrison 's Pocket Magazine, as by A. P—r.
This information came from bibliographer Edward Pitcher .
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