Henry George Bohn

Standard Name: Bohn, Henry George


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Material Conditions of Writing Anna Swanwick
She was flattered by Bohn 's commission, but found Faust difficult. She declined his offer of copies of every extant translation, on the grounds that she did not want to compromise her originality. She drew...
Publishing George Eliot
G. H. Lewes submitted it, as his own work, to publisher George Bohn , but their negotiations quickly collapsed with rancour on both sides. The work was not published until 1981.
Ashton, Rosemary. G. H. Lewes: A Life. Clarendon Press, 1991.
Textual Production Anna Swanwick
These first translations by AS had several consequences. They were snapped up by Henry Bohn for his Bohn's Standard Library edition of Goethe's works (which was designed to take advantage of the interest sparked by...


Henry George Bohn established his own bookshop at 4 York Street, Covent Garden, London.
Henry George Bohn published the Guinea Catalogue, an important early bibliographical text.
Henry George Bohn published A Bibliographical Account of the Works of Shakespeare.
Henry George Bohn published his Dictionary of Quotations.