Anthony Hammond

Standard Name: Hammond, Anthony


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Anthologization Martha Fowke
Five poems by MF (as Mrs. Fowke) appeared in good poetic company (with Pope , Prior , Susanna Centlivre , Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , and others) in Anthony Hammond 's A New Miscellany, published on 19 May 1720.
Anthologization Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
She addressed the poem as an epistle, probably to her uncle William Feilding ; her recent editors follow her manuscript in titling it Constantinople To [William Feilding]. It was picked up for printing by...
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Centlivre
Stories about her early affairs with Anthony Hammond and George Farquhar probably arose from a desire to link her name with those of high-profile and romantic men.
Friends, Associates Susanna Centlivre
In the 1720s she belonged to an informal literary club which included Anthony Hammond (with whom she was supposed to have had her most youthful liaison), Ambrose Philips , Martha Fowke , and Eliza Haywood .
Bowyer, John Wilson. The Celebrated Mrs Centlivre. Duke University Press.
Publishing Judith Cowper Madan
Pattison died of smallpox in July this year, aged about twenty-one.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Subscribers to his posthumous poems included Pope , Lady Hertford , Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , Laurence Eusden , Matthew Concanen , and Anthony Hammond


19 May 1720: A New Miscellany, edited by Anthony Hammond,...

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19 May 1720

A New Miscellany, edited by Anthony Hammond , included work by Pope , Prior , William Bond , George Sewell , Susanna Centlivre , Delarivier Manley , Eliza Haywood , Martha Fowke , and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu .


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