John Constable

Standard Name: Constable, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Ward
MW 's mother, born Ursula Wright in a famously devout Catholic family, married her father as the childless widow of John Constable
Peters, Henriette. Mary Ward: A World in Contemplation. Translator Butterworth, Helen, Gracewing Books.
(whose family produced several women writers).
Latz, Dorothy L. "Glow-Worm Light": Writings of Seventeenth-Century English Recusant Women from Original Manuscripts. University of Salzburg.
She died by 1619, after...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Cobbold
EC corresponded with members of the London scientific intelligentsia: Sir James Edward Smith , first President of the Linnean Society (who encouraged Charlotte Smith to introduce botanical information into her novels, but proved singularly unhelpful...
Friends, Associates Ann Taylor Gilbert
The Taylor family (including Ann and Jane ) met the family of John Constable the landscape painter.
Gilbert, Ann Taylor. Autobiography and Other Memorials of Mrs. Gilbert. Editor Gilbert, Josiah, H. S. King, http://U of A, HSS Ruth N .
1: 126
Publishing Mary Russell Mitford
MRM advised an artist named George Baxter on scenes to engrave as woodcuts for a Whittaker edition of Our Village, probably 1835.
Mitford, Mary Russell. The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters To Her Friends. Editor L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, Harper and Brothers.
2: 157
Further complete editions, selections, and translations into many languages followed...
Textual Production Ngaio Marsh
NM titled a detective novel Clutch of Constables: a comment made by Troy Alleyn about the landscapes surrounding her on a river holiday in eastern England. She has in mind the famous landscape-painter, not...


1837: English landscape painter John Constable...

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English landscape painter John Constable died.


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