Ann Taylor Gilbert

Standard Name: Gilbert, Ann Taylor
Birth Name: Ann Taylor
Nickname: Nancy
Pseudonym: Juvenilia
Pseudonym: Clara
Pseudonym: Maria
Pseudonym: One of the Authors of Original Poems
Married Name: Ann Gilbert
Pseudonym: A Rustic Rambler
ATG , her next sister and two brothers, wrote and published seventy-three books. The first and most famous title appeared in 1804-5. Most of these works were collaboratively authored in various combinations. They were mainly for children and mainly in verse: Ann and Jane Taylor are important in the history of verse for children. ATG also wrote for and edited a children's periodical, and reviewed books by adults. In later life she wrote religious exhortation, political advice, occasional poetry, and family memoirs (completed after her death).
Black and white illustration from pastel of Ann Taylor Gilbert by her son Josiah Gilbert, which he used in editing her Autobiography in 1874. She is sitting in a chair upholstered in patterned material. She is wearing a white bonnet tied in a bow under her chin, circular glasses, and a black dress. She is sitting with her head slightly inclined, with her hands together and her fingers laced.
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Education Mary Gawthorpe
One of the poems MG had to learn for recitation was Meddlesome Matty by Ann Taylor (later Gilbert) .
Gawthorpe, Mary. Up Hill to Holloway. Traversity Press, 1962.
(MG thought it was by the other sister, and later regretted that she never...
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Taylor
JT 's elder sister, Ann Taylor Gilbert , was a collaborator in her earliest writings, and continued writing long after Jane's death.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Strutt
ES 's first husband was John Byron, said to be an eminent physician in Hull, even though he was only twenty-five when he died. The name was given by Ann Taylor Gilbert as Brion.
Watkins, John, and Frederic Shoberl. A Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland. H. Colburn, 1816.
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1: 144-5
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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Strutt
Jacob George Strutt and his siblings (a lively family of vegetarians) grew up in Colchester and were close friends of the Taylors, including the writers Jane Taylor and the future Ann Taylor Gilbert . He...
Family and Intimate relationships Edward FitzGerald
After remaining single until he was approaching fifty, EFG married Lucy Barton , a woman of his own age who had been born and lived most of her life in Suffolk. Lucy had published...
Friends, Associates Jean Ingelow
JI had a small but distinguished circle of intimate friends. By 1863 she was a friend of Alfred Tennyson and was also close to Dora Greenwell . She admired and respected Robert Browning (though she...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Taylor
Much of JT 's earliest writing was done with her sister Ann . They would walk in the garden together when Jane was only seven, reciting the poems they had written. Two years later she...
Intertextuality and Influence Lydia Howard Sigourney
The original volume also includes poems written for children. Flora's Party (in the style of William Roscoe 's The Butterfly's Ball, and the Grasshopper's Feast, 1807, Catherine Ann Dorset 's The Peacock "at Home"...
Literary responses Jane Porter
Fifty years after its publication, Ann Taylor Gilbert still used The Scottish Chiefs as a measure of a book which had really absorbed her.
Gilbert, Ann Taylor. Autobiography and Other Memorials of Mrs. Gilbert. Editor Gilbert, Josiah, H. S. King, 1874. http://U of A, HSS Ruth N , http://U of A, HSS Ruth N .
2: 278
Thackeray 's J. J. Ridley in The Newcomes,...
Literary responses Anna Letitia Barbauld
ALB 's early fame is exemplified in the project of a well-known London printer (reported in January 1787) for a series of plates illustrating works by the most celebrated British Poets. His list began with...
Literary responses Elizabeth Strutt
Ann Taylor Gilbert read Triumphs of Genius and Perseverance with pleasure.
Literary responses Anne Grant
In 1867 Isaac Taylor the younger (brother of Ann Taylor Gilbert and Jane Taylor ) praised AG 's work in The Family Pen.
Taylor, Isaac, editor. The Family Pen. Jackson, Walford and Hodder, 1867.
Occupation Hannah Kilham
She was the only European at this settlement. In a letter she wrote of the girls entrusted to her by the governor: They are fine children, and will I trust be apt to learn....
Occupation Jane Taylor
The Taylor family took the formal decision that Ann and Jane should enter their father 's profession, and be trained as engravers.
Armitage, Doris Mary. The Taylors of Ongar. W. Heffer and Sons, 1939.
Author summary Elizabeth Strutt
As a novelist and travel-writer and in one book of at least semi-feminist debate, ES seems to be addressing women; but when she writes on religion she takes men as her subject. With only one...


January 1805
The Eclectic Review, a Dissenting magazine, began publication in London; it ran until December 1868.
20 March 1839
The Anti-Corn Law League was founded.
May 1842
Jane Johnston Schoolcraft , the first American Indian poet known to have written in English
Noori, Margaret. “Bicultural before There Was a Word for It”. Women’s Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 7-9.
as well as in her native Ojibwe or Ojibwa, died in her early forties at her sister's home in Canada.
By Christmas 1869
Francis Galton , mathematician, scientist, and eugenicist, published Hereditary Genius: An Enquiry into its Laws and Consequences,


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