Montague Summers

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death Elizabeth Helme
EH died. The precise date has not yet been established, but a work of 1812 was published without the designation posthumous which appears on Modern Times, 1814.
The Feminist Companion gives the date as...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriet Smythies
She had two brothers, Alexander Lesmore Gordon , born in May 1814, and John Henry Gordon , born in November 1815. Montague Summers , believing them to be elder brothers, hazards her birth year as 1816 or 1817.
Summers, Montague. “Mrs. Gordon Smythies”. Modern Language Notes, Vol.
, No. 6, pp. 359-64.
Literary responses Harriet Lee
Byron praised the Canterbury Tales, but in 1913George Saintsbury asserted that Byron had done so either irresponsibly or impishly. They were, he said, not exactly bad, but also as far as possible from...
Literary responses Sophia Lee
Some reviewers expressed unease about the blending of history with fiction; but even they felt no embarrassment at commending Lee in the same breath and in the same terms as her sources, William Robertson 's...
Literary responses Eliza Parsons
Most published comment on EP has been confined to her gothic novels, and most gothicists (Montague Summers and Devendra P. Varma , for instance) have treated her grudgingly: less than mediocre
Hoeveler, Diane Long, and Eliza Parsons. “Introduction”. The Castle of Wolfenbach, edited by Diane Long Hoeveler and Diane Long Hoeveler, Valancourt Books, p. vii - xvii.
and respectable...
Occupation Elizabeth Helme
She too taught at her husband's school at Brentford, and after his death she took on his place as its head. The literary historian Montague Summers called her an ardent educationalist. She too began...
Reception Eliza Parsons
The Critical Review judged this a novel not one of the first order, or even of the second, and its characters too darkly tinted. The two plots were not sufficiently connected and the language had...
Reception Aphra Behn
The late-twentieth-century revival of serious literary interest in AB , instigated by feminist criticism, has reversed the situation described by William Beatty Warner with regard to her fiction, in which literary historians used Behn as...
Textual Features Harriet Smythies
Critic Montague Summers suggests that HS 's close relationship with Edward Bulwer Lytton extended into her writing, saying that he helped her very generously in her novels, as must be obvious to any reader of...
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
Montague Summers lists a novel called The Penitent of Godstow; or, The Magdalen as published in 1804, but evidence of this work has not been found. The novel of 1812 is digitally available in Chawton House Library
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
Bibliographer Montague Summers named EH as translator of Jean-Claude Gorgy 's Sainte-Alme; 1790. The English version appeared anonymously as St Alma, A Novel, by April 1791, but it is now unlisted in standard...
Textual Production Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
Craigh-Melrose Priory; or, Memoirs of the Mount Linton Family. A Novel, published in 1816, which has been attributed to HRM by two successive bibliographers, Andrew Block and Montague Summers , seems very unlikely to...
Textual Production Vita Sackville-West
She visited Montague Summers , Behn's recent editor, to consult him about her work. But she says in her preface that she finished this life in three months.
Textual Production Harriet Smythies
HS entitled her novel of this year (listed as her final one by both Montague Summers and the British Library Catalogue) Eva's Fortunes.
British Library Catalogue.
Summers, Montague. “Mrs. Gordon Smythies”. Modern Language Notes, Vol.
, No. 6, pp. 359-64.
Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Braddon
MEB completed the penny parts of her first novel, Three Times Dead; or, The Secret of the Heath, in the ground-breaking genre of the detective novel. Begun in February of this year, it was...


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Summers, Montague. “Mrs. Gordon Smythies”. Modern Language Notes, Vol.
, No. 6, pp. 359-64.
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