Eliza Keary

Standard Name: Keary, Eliza


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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Keary
From about 1851 AK went to live with one of her brothers, to look after his three children, two boys and a girl, after the death of his wife (presumably in childbirth, since the youngest...
Family and Intimate relationships Annie Keary
Of her sisters, AK was closest to Eliza , who shared much of her life and some of her writing, and published a memoir of her after her death.
Literary responses Annie Keary
AK 's sister Eliza thought she had presented a more subtle reading of the differences of national character between Irish and English than any writer before her. Annie for her part defended her character Anne...
Literary responses Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS 's various short works for children were endlessly reprinted and sometimes re-combined, often without a date, by publishers in various towns and cities in England the the USA. These cheap, ephemeral printings had...
Textual Features Agnes Giberne
A dedication to the memory of her mother quotes Not lost, but gone before (the title of a story by Margaret Gatty ).
Giberne, Agnes. Beside the Waters of Comfort. Seeley.
The book takes the bereaved through various stages of mourning and...
Textual Production Annie Keary
AK 's next children's book, Sidney Grey, A Tale of School Life, 1857, was published with her initials as sole author, but the title-page of Little Wanderlin, 1865, implies that her sister Eliza
Textual Production Annie Keary
AK and her sister Eliza collaborated again in Little Wanderlin, and Other Fairy Tales, 1865. It is dedicated to the nephews and niece to whom Annie was foster-mother, by their initials, in memory of...
Textual Production Katharine S. Macquoid
Eliza Keary wrote that her sister Annie was interested in a legend or ghost-story of this place, involving a sickly child possibly made away with by a stepmother, and the ghost of a lady in...
Textual Production Annie Keary
AK 's sister Eliza (her collaborator on several children's books) shared with her the attribution of The Heroes of Asgard, and the Giants of Jötunheim, as the author of Mia and Charlie, and her...
Textual Production Annie Keary
An 88-page selection of AK 's letters was posthumously published for the SPCK by her sister Eliza Keary .
The book is dated from the Bodleian Library 's acquisition stamp.
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1864: Unitarian and feminist Mentia Taylor formed...

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Unitarian and feminist Mentia Taylor formed in London the Pen and Pencil Club to foster literary and artistic exchange.


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