Isabella Beeton

Standard Name: Beeton, Isabella
Birth Name: Isabella Mary Mayson
Married Name: Isabella Mary Beeton
Used Form: Mrs Beeton
IB was the author of the classic book of household management which became a standard reference work for generations following her death—probably, says critic Michael Mason , less common only than the Bible, Shakespeare and the poems of Scott in better-off homes.
Mason, Michael. “A Little Pickle for the Husband”. London Review of Books, pp. 33-6.
It has been in print continuously since its appearance. IB was a prolific journalist on domestic topics and fashion over the course of her brief career, and assisted with the editing of several magazines for women.
Bloom, Abigail Burnham, editor. Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers. Greenwood Press.


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“An Interview with "Madge" of ‘Truth’”. The Sketch, Vol.
, No. 78, p. 698.
Early on she worked with a Mrs...


1831: A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck...

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A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck in Manchester.

1845: Eliza Acton published Modern Cookery for...

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Eliza Acton published Modern Cookery for Private Families, which Elizabeth David (who is credited with rescuing English food preparation from the slough into which it had fallen during the rationing and shortages during and...

Spring 1852: Clark, Beeton and Company was founded after...

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Spring 1852

Clark, Beeton and Company was founded after the London publishing house of Charles Henry Clark went into partnership with Samuel Orchart Beeton .

Spring 1852: Samuel Orchart Beeton (later the husband...

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Spring 1852

Samuel Orchart Beeton (later the husband of Isabella Mary Beeton) began publishing the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, which stimulated the spread of home dressmaking.

1861: Publisher S. Beeton began production of Queen,...

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Publisher S. Beeton began production of Queen, his successful women's magazine aimed at the rich and leisured classes.

31 December 1864: Samuel Beeton began publishing from London...

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31 December 1864

Samuel Beeton began publishing from London a magazine for young girls called The Young Englishwoman.

11 May 1866: The London Stock Exchange suffered through...

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11 May 1866

The London Stock Exchange suffered through Black Friday after the bankruptcy of the bank Overend, Gurney and Company .

December 1894: The monthly Sylvia's Journal (launched on...

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December 1894

The monthlySylvia's Journal (launched on 31 December 1864 as The Young Englishwoman) ceased publication.


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