Eliza Acton

Standard Name: Acton, Eliza


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Intertextuality and Influence Isabella Beeton
As it turned out, however, most of the recipes and information in the book came from published sources, though two popular cookery books directed at the middle classes, Hannah Glasse 's The Art of Cookery...
Textual Production Sarah Josepha Hale
She followed this with further titles in the same genre. In 1845 she published at Philadelphia a revised edition of Eliza Acton 's Modern Cookery, in All Its Branches. Her own Ladies' New Book...


1845: Eliza Acton published Modern Cookery for...

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Eliza Acton published Modern Cookery for Private Families, which Elizabeth David (who is credited with rescuing English food preparation from the slough into which it had fallen during the rationing and shortages during and...


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