Henry Harvey

Standard Name: Harvey, Henry


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Cultural formation Barbara Pym
As for marriage, BP 's involvements with men as a student must have been to some extent influenced by social pressure to marry. She felt badly let down when Henry Harvey decided to wed another...
Dedications Barbara Pym
She dedicated it to very old friends, Henry Harvey and Robert Liddell .
Smith, Robert Sidney. “’Always Sincere, Not Always Serious’: Robert Liddell and Barbara Pym”. Twentieth Century Literature, Vol.
, No. 4.
Family and Intimate relationships Barbara Pym
Rupert Gleadow cared about BP a great deal, but their romance was an experience which she chose to downplay in her memory and writing. Her long, unsuccessful pursuit of Henry Harvey , who both attracted...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Pym
BP began this novel as a story about Hilary and me as spinsters of fiftyish—that is, about a then unimaginable future. Its dry humour and irony, its concentration on middle-aged spinsters, clergy, and the...
Reception Barbara Pym
When An Unsuitable Attachment was finally published (posthumously), Larkin remarked that it was richly redolent of her unique talent, despite some aspects of the text that were not fully done.
Allen, Orphia Jane. Barbara Pym: Writing a Life. Scarecrow Press.
Meanwhile in September...
Textual Production Barbara Pym
BP 's other juvenilia include poems and short stories published in the literary magazine at her boarding school, Liverpool College : The Sad Story of Alphonse, Henry Shakespeare, Adolphe, Satire (an imitation...
Textual Production Barbara Pym
In many ways this novel reflects BP 's undergraduate years at Oxford , featuring characters and episodes based partly on herself, her sister, and her friends or acquaintances. Among these, Henry Harvey and the future...


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