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Reception Aphra Behn
The maverick Victorian bibliographer Richard Herne Shepherd did some work on AB . In 1871 publisher John Pearson issued in six volumes The Plays, Histories, and Novels of the Ingenious Mrs. Aphra Behn, reprinted...
Textual Production Beatrix Potter
Today the once gentleman-like, personal, and family publishing firm of Frederick Warne has become the property of an international conglomerate, Pearson , which owns Penguin , Longman , Ladybird , tv and software development companies...


1994 : Longman the publisher, which since 1968 had...

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Longman the publisher, which since 1968 had been part of the multi-product Pearson conglomerate, ceased to exist as an independent business.
Briggs, Asa. A History of Longmans and Their Books 1724 - 1990. Longevity in Publishing. British Library and Oak Knoll Press.


Kendall, May. Turkish Bonds. Pearson, 1898.