Hugh Gaitskell

Standard Name: Gaitskell, Hugh


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Friends, Associates Antonia Fraser
Family friends and frequent visitors to the Pakenham household included J. M. Keynes , William Beveridge (whom AF 's father had assisted in plans for the postwar Welfare State), Hugh Gaitskell , and (particularly good...


26 October 1951: At the general election the postwar reforming...

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26 October 1951

At the general election the postwar reforming Labour government of Clement Attlee polled the highest number of votes it had ever received, but fewer seats than before: it was ousted by the Conservatives under Winston Churchill

November 1959: At the Labour Party conference in the wake...

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November 1959

At the Labour Party conference in the wake of Conservative electoral victory, leader Hugh Gaitskell proposed repealing Clause 4 of the party's constitution, the clause that set the goal of common ownership of the means...


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