Jane Barlow

Standard Name: Barlow, Jane


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Dedications Katharine Tynan
KT produced two more collections of sketches in 1895, An Isle in the Water and The Land of Mist and Mountain. The former is dedicated to her good friend Jane Barlow , who was...
Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
KT 's lifelong friendship with poet Jane Barlow began when they met for the first time in February 1893: that was the beginning of a warm friendship and a close correspondence extending over some twenty...
Literary responses Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
Once again reviewers (as quoted at the back of The Matrimonial Lottery) were delighted with these [c]lever studies of Irish life and character. The Athenæum praised especially those stories which reflected first-hand knowledge (with...
Textual Features Rosamund Marriott Watson
RMW 's leadership and personal aesthetics steered the periodical towards the arts, while still keeping intact established columns on domestic topics, such as gardening, needlework, cookery and fashion.
Hughes, Linda K. “A Female Aesthete at the Helm: Sylvia’s Journal and ’Graham R. Tomson’, 1893-1894”. Victorian Periodical Review, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 173-92.
Pages teemed with poetry and fiction...
Textual Features Lady Margaret Sackville
This early anthology of poetry by women includes poems by Jane Barlow , Anna Bunston , Frances Cornford , Olive Custance , Michael Field (Katharine Harris Bradley and Edith Cooper ), Harriet Hamilton King
Textual Production E. B. C. Jones


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