Faisal I, King of Iraq

Standard Name: Faisal I,, King of Iraq


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Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
She apparently had a friendly, teasing relationship while journeying with Ahmed Hassanein , who went with her to Kufra but who was not, it seems, the creative mind behind the journey. Magazine publisher Sir Neville Pearson
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
RF met Gertrude Bell on these travels, and became a strong supporter of King Faisal , who was installed as Hashemite ruler of the new nation of Iraq at a Cairo conference of spring 1921...
Occupation Gertrude Bell
Shortly before this, GB had persuaded King Faisal of Iraq, during a birthday dinner at her home, to give his approval for a law protecting archaeological excavations in Iraq. Her position as Director of Archaeology...
politics Gertrude Bell
GB thought like a colonial administrator, but like an enlightened one. A recent reviewer insists that she never doubted the value to Iraq of a system of government mostly foreign to their own traditions.
Faught, Brad. “The Queen of Iraq”. National Post, p. WP11.
Textual Features Rosita Forbes
In Quest. The Story of Anne, Three Men, and Some Arabs, RF makes her Anne (widowed young and suddenly) set out on travels in North Africa and the Middle East to divert her mind...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rosita Forbes
She observes that she can write at first hand about most of the men who—to-day—are making war, or struggling to prevent it in three continents.
Charques, Richard Denis. “Admirer with a Notebook”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1992, p. 166.
The dominant figures of Hitler and Stalin are flanked...


6 November 1916: The UK, France, and Russia recognized Hussein...

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6 November 1916

The UK, France, and Russia recognized Hussein (Sharif or Emir of Mecca) as head of Arab peoples and King of Hejaz (western Saudi Arabia).

: A conference held at Cairo installed the...

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A conference held at Cairo installed the Hashemite Faisal I as king of Iraq, then a new entity under British Mandate conferred by the League of Nations .


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