Evelyn Glover

Standard Name: Glover, Evelyn
Birth Name: Evelyn Glover
EG began her writing career by contributing several comic, polemical sketches to the suffrage cause. These one-act plays seek to demonstrate the relevance of the suffrage movement to working-class women. During the First World War one of her short plays, A Bit of Blighty, became popular entertainment for the troops. Her only full-length drama, Time to Wake Up, was produced in 1919. She also wrote pieces for a children's programme on BBC radio. EG probably wrote her memoirs (the attribution is not quite certain) in the unusual form of a desultory book mostly about photography and cats. EG 's A Chat with Mrs. Chicky has been recently and successfully revived.


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Friends, Associates Beatrice Harraden
Apart from Eliza Lynn Linton , her close literary friends included Evelyn Glover , Catharine Amy Dawson Scott , Evelyn Sharp , and Flora Annie Steel (with whom she corresponded).
Occupation Inez Bensusan
These plays, written by amateur and professional writers, were made available for performance at public events in support of women's suffrage. Bensusan encouraged writers to produce plays dealing with a range of women's issues such...
Occupation Inez Bensusan
Organisers chose to present two feminist plays by men, Woman on Her Own by Eugène Brieux , translated by Charlotte Shaw (Bernard Shaw 's wife), and A Gauntlet by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson .
Hirshfield, Claire. “The Woman’s Theatre in England: 1913-1918”. Theatre History Studies, Vol.
, pp. 123-37.
Occupation Edith Craig
The Players performed dramas about generational gaps, marriage, career, prostitution, and representations of women. These included Laurence Housman 's Pains and Penalties, A Defence of Queen Caroline, Jess Dorynne 's The Surprise of His...
Textual Features Beatrice Harraden
Like Evelyn Glover 's Miss Appleyard's Awakening three years later, this play features the conversion of an anti-suffragist, in this case Lady Geraldine Boleyn, who is due to address a meeting of the Women's National Anti-Suffrage League


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