Eugene Jolas

Standard Name: Jolas, Eugene


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Friends, Associates Laura Riding
Graves and Riding were touchy as friends, between their sense of literary mission (they saw Graves's biography of T. E. Lawrence as a somewhat demeaning potboiler, not part of his real work at all) and...
Literary responses Gertrude Stein
From the time when the Atlantic Monthly published the first serial instalments of this book, English readers as well as American were enthusiastic, and enthusiasm grew with its appearance as a volume.
Brinnin, John Malcolm, and John Ashbery. The Third Rose: Gertrude Stein and her World. Addison-Wesley.
Hobhouse, Janet. Everybody Who was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein. Doubleday.
Publishing Samuel Beckett
During the same year Eugene Jolas published in the June number of transition Beckett's short story entitled Assumption, and on 14 November the Trinity College, Dublin , student newspaper, A College Miscellany, published...
Publishing James Joyce
Eugene and Maria Jolas serialised Finnegans Wake in transition, an international quarterly for creative experiment. It appeared under the title Work in Progress.
Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce. Oxford University Press.
589, 714
Publishing Laura Riding
LR published poems, essays, and a review in 1927-8 in transition, the little magazine produced in Paris by Eugene and Maria Jolas and Elliot Paul . Her critical essay here on Gertrude Stein was...
Textual Production Willa Muir
The title story (published in German in 1915) had been twice translated into English before the Muirs first published their version in 1949: Eugene Jolas published his version in transition, 1936, and Albert Lancaster Lloyd


April 1927: Transition, edited by Eugene Jolas, began...

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April 1927

Transition, edited by Eugene Jolas , began irregular publication in Paris.

: Transition, edited by Eugene Jolas, ceased...

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Transition, edited by Eugene Jolas , ceased publication in Paris.


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