Samuel Foote

Standard Name: Foote, Samuel


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Employer Sarah Gardner
SG apparently had some success acting during summer seasons (15 May to 15 September) with Samuel Foote at the Haymarket Theatre .
Highfill, Philip H. et al. A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers and Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
5: 464
Gardner, Sarah. Colyton MS.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Griffith
According to Frances Brooke (in an anecdote hinting at self-importance in EG ) she chose this spot with a view to becoming better acquainted with the comedian Samuel Foote —who, however, snubbed her in the...
Friends, Associates Jean Marishall
While in LondonJM was in touch with a long list of patrons or prospective patrons, including those eminent in both the social and literary worlds. The socially prominent included (as well as a colonel...
Intertextuality and Influence Maria Edgeworth
The Double Disguise, set in an inn in England (the Pig and Castle, on the road from Ireland via Liverpool to London), features a travelling Irish family. The father (Richard Lovell Edgeworth 's...
Literary responses Sarah Gardner
When Counsellor S— first read the play in manuscript (and pronounced that envy and a desire to keep performers in their place would ensure that Colman would never put it on) he judged that SG
Literary responses Catharine Macaulay
Her biographer Bridget Hill identifies CM 's fame as having lasted fifteen years: from the publication of her first volume to the date of her second marriage (1763-78). But in fact she continued to command...
Publishing Jean Marishall
Marishall then turned to Edinburgh's Canongate Theatre , only to have Foote (who had become manager there in November 1770) waste a whole season promising to put it on soon. In the end, after...
Publishing Mary Latter
While staying with John Rich in London (for the second time) in 1761, ML not only studied stagecraft to benefit her own writing, but was kept busy doing writing jobs he suggested. Aware of her...
Reception Sarah Gardner
A considerable debate developed about the play's alleged plagiarism from various sources: Macklin 's Love-a-la-Mode, Foote 's The Author, and Colman's own The Deuce is in Him.
Grundy, Isobel. “Sarah Gardner: "Such Trumpery" or ‘A Lustre to Her Sex’?”. Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Vol.
, pp. 7-25.
On balance it seems...


18 November 1659: Molière's comedy Les Précieuses ridicules,...

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18 November 1659

Molière 's comedyLes Précieuses ridicules, a satire on learned women, was first staged in Paris. It was published in 1660.

1766: At the previously unlicensed Haymarket Theatre...

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At the previously unlicensed Haymarket TheatreSamuel Foote was awarded a licence to put on plays during the summer, when the patent or fully-licensed theatres were closed.


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