Michael Levenson

Standard Name: Levenson, Michael


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Literary responses Caroline Norton
Margaret Forster has written of CN in Significant Sisters, 1984, as have other historians of Victorian feminism. S. Bailey Sharbutt compares her favourably to other popular women novelists of her day and argues for...
Literary responses Sarah Stickney Ellis
SSE was viewed with ambivalence by a later generation of critics who sought to reclaim women's literature. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar , for example, read Ellis as a willing captive in a separate sphere...
Author summary Sarah Stickney Ellis
The prolific SSE , author of thirty-four books, was the most popular writer of Victorian conduct literature. Her four advice books addressed women in the burgeoning middle class; she also wrote novels, poems, and didactic...
Reception Caroline Norton
The collection sold well and was admired in the fashionable circles in which CN moved. Critics Karen Chase and Michael Levenson surmise that such was the pressure to earn that CNcast aside an ideal...
Reception H. D.
HD's place in modernism has been for a long time obscured but lately fairly thoroughly recovered. Jayne E. Marek has noted that considerable time elapsed before the complaints of such scholars as Michael Levenson that...
Textual Features Sarah Stickney Ellis
The annual, which appeared only once, was entitled The Missionary; or Christian's New Year's Gift. In SSE 's tale, the eponymous Hindu renounces his religion to become an exemplar of Christian virtue. When he...


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Chase, Karen, and Michael Levenson. The Spectacle of Intimacy: A Public Life for the Victorian Family. Princeton University Press, 2000.