Gaston Paris

Standard Name: Paris, Gaston


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Friends, Associates Hannah Lynch
Through her involvement with the Ladies' Land League , HL became acquainted with the League's leading force: Irish nationalist and artist Anna Parnell , to whom she dedicated her novel The Prince of the Glades...
Friends, Associates A. Mary F. Robinson
Their neighbours there included Edith Wharton .
Colby, Vineta. Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography. University of Virginia Press.
Maurice Barrès , a close friend with whom AMFR 's correspondence was posthumously published, was a French politician holding fairly extreme nationalist views. Daniel Halévy , editor...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Augusta Ward
Despite her wide reading, excellent education for a woman, and Oxford connections, MAWs' trip to Paris in 1874 opened her eyes intellectually. It brought her into contact with Ernest Renan , Madame Mohl , Hippolyte Taine
Textual Features Hannah Lynch
In her dedication HL promised to portray a kind of upstanding young Frenchman who was common in life but rare in literature.
Binckes, Faith, and Kathryn Laing. “A Forgotten Franco-Irish Literary Network: Hannah Lynch, Arvède Barine and Salon Culture of Fin-de-Siècle Paris”. Études irlandaises, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 157-71.
Denys D'Auvrillac is attracted by the English Mary Sumers, who sets out...
Textual Production Hannah Lynch
HL 's final publication was Mediæval French Literature, translated from the French of Gaston Paris published in 1890; it appeared with his name but without hers.
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Paris, Gaston. Mediæval French Literature. Translator Lynch, Hannah, J. M. Dent, 1903.